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Prospect Review and Analysis

In House Geological Services
Contract Land Services
Lease Acquisition
JOA Preparation


Review of Offset Data
Prepare Drilling Prognosis
Acquire Bids from Vendors
Prepare AFE
Make Appropriate Cash Calls to Begin Project
Survey, Stake and Plat the Well Location
Negotiate Damages with Surface Owners
File For Necessary Permits with RRC and Apply for Water Board Letter
Negotiate Drilling Contract and Rig Acquisition
Supervise Pad Preparation to Comply with Rig Plat
Secure Water for Drilling
Implement and Supervise Drilling Plan


Design Completion Procedures
Make Appropriate Completion Cash Call
Implement and Supervise Completion Procedures
Make final Cash Call for Facilities
Implement and Supervise and Complete Production Facilities
File all Necessary RRC Permits and Completion Papers


Gas and Oil Marketing
Securing of ROW
Contract Analysis
RRC Monthly Production Reports
Division Order Preparation
Monthly Revenue Distribution and Joint Interest Billing
Daily Gauge Reports via Email