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Current Projects

East Crown Field

Horizontal Olmos Sand Prospect
Atascosa County, Texas

The Alamo Operating, Yancy #1H is a proposed horizontal test of the Olmos sand in East Crown Field. The Yancy #1H will have a maximum lateral of 5,000+/- feet and a true vertical depth of 4,250+/- feet. It will test the Olmos B sand on the western edge of the field.

The East Crown Field is located in Atascosa County, Texas, approximately 40 miles south of San Antonio, and approximately 6 miles northwest of Charlotte, Texas. The East Crown Field covers approximately 12 square miles of developed acreage. The field was discovered in the mid 1950’s and 285 wells produced over 10.2 million barrels of oil since the discovery. That is an average of about 35 MBO per well. Beginning in 2009, Hollimon Oil Corp. and Black Sable Energy extended the field to the west with the drilling of their Yancy #1. They drilled a total of nine wells of which seven are producing, one needs to be reworked, and one was a dry hole. This western extension of the field provides the opportunity to continue development using the new technology of horizontal drilling and multiple stage fracture stimulation.

The Olmos “B” sand is fine grained Upper Cretaceous sandstone. Log porosities are in the range of 24%. Included with this report are percussion sidewall core reports which have lower porosities than the log porosities. The permeability ranges from less than 1 MD. to 10 MD. The high porosity associated the low permeability makes this sand an ideal candidate for horizontal drilling and multistage fracture stimulation.

The structure of the Olmos sand in the Yancy area of East Crown Field is ideal for a horizontal well. It is a gently dipping to the south-southeast monocline with no apparent faulting. There is abundant control to establish the dip and to keep the lateral in the twenty foot target zone.

Reserve numbers are more difficult to predict. Using volumetrics for a 5,000’ lateral, a frac half radius of 500’, 20’ of sand, and 200 barrels recoverable per acre foot, the reserves could be as much as 459,000 barrels of oil. Results in AWP Field (Olmos) by Swift indicate that the ultimate cums from horizontal wells will be far greater than the vertical wells. It is too early in the horizontal wells to be able to determine how much greater they will be. Flow rates in the horizontal wells in AWP Field saw increases of 10 fold in some cases over vertical wells. On the Yancy #7 daily initial rates were up to 80 BOPD. Using a more conservative 4 fold increase, daily rates could be 320 BOPD.

Past Projects Texas

Drilling History:

12 Wells drilled in Brooks County;

McGill #87 McGill #88 McGill #89 McGill #90

Lopez #1, Lopez #2, Lopez #3, Lopez #4, Lopez #4A, Lopez #5, Lopez #6, Lopez #7

6 Wells drilled in Frio County;

Baker Brothers #1, Bennett #1-H, Voss #1-H, Massey partners #1, Toalson #1-H & Williamson #1

15 Wells drilled in La Salle County;

Bellows #1, Bellows #2, Cartwright #1 Cartwright #2, Cooke #1, Cooke #2, Cooke #3, Cooke #4, Cooke #5, Cooke #10

Fiedler #1, House #1, House #2, Martindale #1, Martindale #2

10 Wells drilled in Zavala County;

Holdsworth #1, Holdsworth #2, Holdsworth #3, Holdsworth #4, Holdsworth #5, Holdsworth #7, Holdsworth #1-H

Lindsey #1, McMillan #1, Mathis #1

1 Well drilled in Dewitt County;

Regina TPC#1

2 Wells drilled in Trinity County;

Cameron Minerals Trust #1, Cameron Minerals Trust #2

2 Wells drilled in Harris County;

Langham Creek #1, George #1

2 Wells Recompleted in Colorado County;

Blue Ridge Cook Family Trust #1, Koehn #1

1 Well Completed in Jim Wells County;

Embleton #1

3 Wells drilled in Duval County;

Fuentes #1, Los Orcones Ranch #1, Valdez #1

3 Wells drilled in McMullen County;

Dusek #1, Hundley #1, Hundley #2

1 Well drilled in Atascosa County;

JL Resources #1

1 Well drilled in Wilson County;

H5 Rakowitz #1

1 Well drilled in Goliad County;

Lewis #2-A

1 Well drilled in Brazoria County;

Scott Unit #1

3 Wells drilled in Burleson County;

Krueger #1, Schwartz Galbreath #1-H, Stern #2 Reentry

2 Wells drilled in McCulloch County;

H5 Price #1, Price #2